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G7 engagement with food security and nutrition

The active role of Platform members

The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development has been recognized by the high forum of G7 for the convening role it plays in the field of nutrition and food security. The nutrition workstream welcomed the G7 Broad Food Security and Nutrition Development Approach and actively supports its implementation.

In June 2015 the G7 leaders stated that they aim to lift 500 million people in developing countries out of hunger and malnutrition by 2030. The Leaders’ Declaration and the attached Annex included concrete strategic steps to empower women, protect the environment and mitigate climate change, but also responses to global challenges such as food security and nutrition. The G7 leaders reaffirmed their commitments to 0.7% ODA/GNI target, to reverse the trend of declining ODA to the Least Developed countries (LDCs) and to encourage private capital flows. Upon the initiative from the Federal German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the German government proposed a campaign against hunger and malnutrition. This was a clear signal that the strongest economies of the world are living up to their responsibility for the poorest.

G7 Broad Food Security and Nutrition Development Approach

In a separate annex to the official summit declaration, the agreed ‘G7 Broad Food Security and Nutrition Development Approach’ outlined ways of achieving this goal: focusing on an inclusive rural development approach, fostering responsible investment and sustainable agriculture, providing targeted assistance for malnourished children and women – one of the most effective ways of boosting empowered development – and improving our support for hungry people in conflict and crisis settings. One part of the Approach focused on ‘Increasing Development Effectiveness, Improving Impact’ which highlights commitments to implement the Busan principles, align with partner countries’ strategies and monitoring of commitments. The declaration also emphasized the importance of empowering women, smallholders and family farmers, as well as supporting sustainable agriculture and food value chains.

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