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Rural Youth

Youth accounts for one out of every six people worldwide. Globally, millions of young people are bound to engage in agriculture. These young women and men will shape the future of the agriculture and rural development. Thus, addressing inclusive rural transformation entails bringing rural youth on board, empowering them to speak for themselves with their experiences and ideas, and creating the means for them to connect, share and develop solutions for the challenges they face.

The future of agriculture and rural development depends on the young generation. Throughout the world, however, being young and living in rural areas equals a twofold challenge as these young women and men face unique situations that stem from rural settings in form of infrastructure, social and economic institutions. Rural youth are more likely to be disproportionately affected by climate change, may have fewer opportunities to access information and opportunities for markets and they may also be more exposed to social structures and settings in rural areas.

Young people are a diverse group with varying needs, and “one size fits all” interventions may not go a long way to addressing the challenges they face. Donors and development practitioners need to actively engage youth, listen to them and create opportunities for the young women and men to participate in developing interventions and their implementation. Youth should not be a topic in the development world but rather a group that is actively and continuously engaged.

The move to developing programmes with youth - and not only for youth - will give donors a deeper understanding of the situation and needs of young people in rural areas. Also, inter-generational partnerships are crucial to create mutual respect for the experienced, but also give room for motivated and innovative youngsters to bring together innovation and reality. The Global Donor Platform’s Thematic Working Group on Rural Youth was started to promote meaningful youth engagement in all stages of donor initiatives in agriculture and rural development.

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Creating employment opportunities for rural youth: Building on IFAD’s 2019 Rural Development Report

Berlin, Germany | 21 October 2019

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) organised a joint event on 21 October in Berlin to build on IFAD’s 2019 Rural Development Report - Creating employment opportunities for rural youth.


Rural Youth – a theme resonating well at CFS46

The topic of rural youth was prominently featured this year at CFS 46 with a large number of youth delegates engaged in different side events and participating in different plenary sessions during the week.


Storytelling in land governance: From indigenous perspective to common view

17 October 2019 | Rome, Italy

A side event by George Washington University, Planet Forward, International Land Coalition (ILC), World Rural Forum together with IFAD focused on the need of a people-centered land governance to end hunger and nutritional food insecurity.


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19. November
Global | Tuesday, 19. November 2019 | Addis Ababa

Rural youth and decent jobs creation in food systems

Secure your place for this exceptional side-event hosted by the Rural Youth Thematic Working Group of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development at the Youth Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment (YES!) Forum 2019 in Addis – Ababa, Ethiopia


20. November
Global | Wednesday, 20. November 2019 | Addis Ababa

Youth Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment (YES!) Forum 2019

The Youth Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment Forum (YES! Forum) is a featured event of the Global Entrepreneurship Week. For its second edition, the YES! Forum will be held on November 20 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as a pre-event of the World Export Development Forum.


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The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development published a new comprehensive study that highlights current approaches, trends and remaining questions in donor engagement with rural youth.


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