Shantanu Mathur [ID: 307]

Shantanu Mathur


Shantanu Mathur is currently the Lead Adviser to the Associate Vice-President, Operations, at IFAD. In this capacity, he is also Manager of UN Rome-Based-Agency Partnerships. Previously, he was Head of the Quality Assurance Group at IFAD. He has worked in the area of pro-poor rural development for over 31 years - 3 years at FAO HQ and 28 years at IFAD HQ, in Rome. He holds Masters Degrees in Economics, University of Cambridge, UK, and in Business Economics, University of New Delhi. Served on various CGIAR governing bodies including as current CGIAR Fund Council Chair of the Evaluation and Impact Assessment Committee (EIAC); Vice-Chair of the CGIAR Finance Committee (2001-2004).

As Head, Corporate Grant Secretariat he managed the IFAD Grant programme. He led the Secretariat of IFAD’s Operations Steering Committee which was chaired by the IFAD President. He has championed the cause of investment in Research for Development including several outstanding grant-financed initiatives contributing to IFAD’s leadership in the global ARforD community. Led several institution-building initiatives e.g., to establish the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR, 1994)); and international Centres of Excellence, e.g., INBAR (the first and only International research organisation based in mainland China (1997)). Mr. Mathur actively supported IFAD’s leadership in the latest CGIAR reform process, as member of the WG on funding mechanisms. Published several papers and contributed to/edited 4 books in the fields of rural development, agricultural research and impact assessment.