Webinar [ID: 143]

Tanja Havemann and Rory Nightingale on how to link farmers to markets

The current lack of transparency in agricultural value chains in the East African Community has largely obscured farmers from knowledge of the actual market prices, which has allowed intermediaries to capture majority of the profits made. Together with a lack of adequate transportation from rural farms to urban markets, and the lack of modern storage facilities once the fresh produce arrives at the markets, the current system severely limits the benefits of agriculture felt by local populations.

The East African Farmers Markets is a cross sector partnership initiative established to develop efficient and modern fresh produce markets across the East African Community. Comprised of local and international companies, the EAFM consortium aims to provide a parallel market channel for quality wholesale fresh produce which allows a transparent process from farm to market which outs producers directly in touch with end users. Using a commission based system, the consortium is looking to transform local markets into organised places of trade with the infrastructure and capacity for local demands. In this virtual briefing, Tanja Havemann and Rory Nightingale - partners of the Soko Fresh Limited - speak about this initiative and discuss how donors, governments and the private sector can better cooperate to improve farmers’ access to local markets in Africa.


Tanja Havemann and Rory Nightingale | Sasumua Holdings

Virtual Briefing, April 2015

Linking East African farmers to 150 million regional consumers.


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