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Bader Mahaman Dioula on ACF's SUSTAIN project

On behalf of Action Against Hunger, a global non-governmental organization committed to ending world hunger, Bader Mahaman Dioula shared his experience with SUSTAIN, a nutrition-sensitive food security and livelihoods programme with the aim of improving the nutritional status of vulnerable populations.

To this end, SUSTAIN systemically applies a „nutrition lens“ in all project activities. It aims to tackle undernutrition from different angles and establishes a close collaboration and leverages between agriculture, food security, nutrition and health sectors. Whereas the programme effectively contributed to capacity building measures, women’s empowerment and knowledge dissemination in nutrition and health, barriers remain with respect to government support and an adequate understanding about the nutrition-sensitive nature of the programme.


Bader Mahaman Dioula | GFAR-Action Against hunger

Virtual Briefing, June 2016

Action Against Hunger (AFC). Bader Mahaman Dioula



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