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Peg Willingham on Biofortification: delivering naturally enriched food crops

Peg Willingham from HarvestPlus presented the nutrition-specific biofortification approach that seeks to improve the nutritional status of billions of people using biofortification to breed higher levels of micronutrients directly into the key staple foods that they consume.

Ms. Willingham highlighted that around the world there are now more 54 countries in which biofortified crops are being grown or tested with over 15 million people benefitting from these food crops, and this trend is increasing strongly. Despite the unfamiliar characteristics of these crops such as different colours, farmers are more and more willing to grow, and families willing to eat them. Countries are increasingly investing in biofortified crops and donors are prioritizing their promotion. In order to scale up this promising development, the main challenge of the future is to build sustainable relationships with implementing partners in the public and private sector and financial and international institutions.


Peg Willingham | HarvestPlus

Virtual Briefing, June 2016

Biofortification: Delivering Naturally Enriched Food Crops. Peg Willingham (HarvestPlus)



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