The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development gave a presentation at the CFS Bureau and Advisory Group Meeting on 18 March 2022 during the Substantive Segment “SDG 2 and Financing for Sustainable Development” together with IFAD and the World Bank.

Maurizio Navarra, Coordinator of the Platform Secretariat, provided an overview of the GDPRD and its recent engagement in the food systems agenda. In particular, the flagship products (Stocktaking Report, Declaration of Intent and the upcoming White Paper) were presented to illustrate the Platform’s groundwork, commitment and recommended action areas for donor coordination, to leverage change in food systems transformation even in times of crises.

Maurizio stressed that linkages with CFS are recognized in all of the Platform’s engagements. The presentation was also an occasion to solidify the ongoing synergies and dialogue with the CFS based on the continued engagement of the Platform in rural development, food security and nutrition.

The Bureau and Advisory Group constitute the governance of the CFS. Members come together to discuss the CFS programme of work and upcoming CFS plenary (CFS 50).



Latest in SDG 2 and Zero Hunger


Maurizio Navarra

Secretariat Coordinator