Our Workstreams

The GDPRD continues to proactively respond to emerging issues around donor coordination. With a results-driven mandate, the Platform’s workstreams are created to focus on issues deemed by the Board as most pertinent to rural development, food security, and food systems transformation.

Each workstream has a clear objective, work plan and timeline with usable deliverables for the donor community and wider rural development networks. There are currently three workstreams, dedicated to donor coordination, to sustainable/blended finance for SDG2, and to the importance of having and using good data. These three foci are closely interrelated, and guide the Platform’s activities and concentrations. These workstreams shift gradually over time to ensure attention is focused on the issues most relevant and useful to the donor community.

GDPRD_Donor Coordination

Donor coordination for food systems transformation

Donor efforts are crucial for food systems transformation, and increasing food crises and insecurity underline the need for improved donor coordination and alignment, particularly at the country level.  


Sustainable financing for SDG2

A consultation on how to make donors and public funding more catalytic for food systems through sustainable and blended financing approaches. In 2023, the Platform engaged the Shamba Centre for Food & Climate to design and execute this workstream 


Better data for food systems and rural development

Better coordination among donors and international organizations on data initiatives on agriculture and food security, to better inform strategic decisions on funding such data initiatives with a view to making these more impactful.