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2018 Annual General Assembly


“Young and ready to move – empowering the new generation in the rural space”

The future of agriculture, transformation of rural spaces and the need to provide youth with the conditions for a decent and meaningful life are interlinked. How can donors plan and implement successful interventions while working on this nexus? What are the key leverage points for enhancing the impact of development investments in agriculture, food systems and empowering rural livelihoods for and with the young people? Inspired by these questions, the Platform members chose Rural Youth Empowerment as an overarching theme for the Annual General Assembly (AGA) 2018. This year the AGA will be held on June 13 – 14 in Berlin.

Why rural youth?

Youth accounts for one out of every six people worldwide. Globally, millions of young people are bound to engage in agriculture. These young women and men will shape the future of the agriculture and rural development. Thus, addressing inclusive rural transformation entails bringing rural youth on board, empowering them to speak for themselves with their experiences and ideas, and creating the means for them to connect, share and develop solutions for the challenges they face.

AGA 2018: What to expect

The AGA 2018 will bring together the donor/IFI community and young women and men for a dialogue to:

– provide an effective exchange of information and knowledge between the young rural generation and the AGA participants on how to make ARD programmes more youth-responsive;

– present donor / IFI engagement in rural youth empowerment and provide insights of private sector engagement; and receive feedback from the young generation and what are the priorities in moving forward.

Donor Engagement With Youth

In preparation to the Annual General Assembly 2018, the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development commissioned a compendium “Donor engagement with youth”. It will be presented in Berlin to AGA participants. In parallel, young people will offer some answers on how to move forward in rural areas.

For more information about the AGA 2018, including the event agenda and booklet, as well as the compendium “Donor engagement with rural youth”, please consult the downloads below.

AGA 2018 sessions