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Updates Land Governance2022-11-01T16:20:41+02:00

The Global Donor Working Group on Land


Access group documents such as meeting minutes, workplans and concept note from the Global Donor Working Group on Land.

Global Donor Platform Working Group on Land Meeting Minutes

Land 2022 Minutes2022-09-27T10:45:35+02:00
Land 2021 Minutes2022-09-28T15:58:45+02:00
Land 2020 Minutes2022-09-30T10:28:43+02:00
Land 2019 Minutes2022-09-30T10:51:25+02:00

GDWGL Work Plans

Work Plan 2020-20242022-09-30T10:36:10+02:00
Work Plan 2018-20202022-09-30T10:37:01+02:00
Work Plan 2017-20182022-09-30T10:37:23+02:00

Foundational Documents

Terms of Reference