The State of the Global Partnership for Development

Online, 19 Sep 2014. A year before the MDG’s deadline, the report from the Millennium Development Goals Gap Task Force shows mixed results on the MDG8 targets. There is still a persistent gap between the committed and actually delivered support on providing the poorest developing countries with greater access to aid, trade, debt relief, essential medicines and technologies. The report finds that there are many targets under MDG8, which are close to being achieved, but also others where a lot of work is still needed.

Italian EU Presidency

Online, 25 Aug 2014. “…to highlight (agriculture and rural development) as a priority within the framework of the Post-2015 agenda …” – this call was placed at the center of the development perspectives of Italy serving as the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for this semester.

Online, 11 Aug 2014. How can territorial approaches contribute to 'a future where food systems are resilient, where everyone enjoys their right to food'? This was the main focus of the Second International Expert Meeting on the Territorial Approach to food security and nutrition (FSN) organised by the FAO in December 2013. Its purpose was to identify elements of success and failure in using territorial policies in order to achieve equitable and sustainable food security and nutrition.

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