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IFAD: Forty-seventh session of the Governing Council

14-15 FEBRUARY 2024 | IFAD HQ Rome, Italy

The annual Governing Council is IFAD’s main decision-making body. The forty-seventh session, taking place on 14 and 15 February 2024, will focus on “Innovation for a food secure future”.

Every day, rural people grapple with climate change, conflict, poverty and other hardships. In an increasingly complex world, we cannot rely on conventional approaches alone to respond to these challenges. We need new ways to make rural development more sustainable, resilient, equitable and inclusive. In short: we need innovation.

IFAD invests in testing and scaling up new processes, products and approaches that sustainably and equitably tackle rural challenges.

An interactive Innovation Marketplace at the Governing Council will showcase 10 innovative ideas funded and developed by IFAD and partners that are delivering results for rural people and vulnerable groups.