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ILO Work Wise Youth: A guide to youth rights at work

14 FEBRUARY 2024 | 14:30-16:00 CET | Virtual

The webinar will feature an interactive and inter-generational dialogue on the importance of promoting youth rights at work for individuals, businesses and societies, and launch the International Labour Organization (ILO)’s “Work Wise Youth: A guide to youth rights at work”. The guide is intended to support ILO constituents and other stakeholders in their initiatives aimed at raising young people’s awareness of their rights at work, with a focus on those in forced displacement contexts.


  • Foster knowledge and awareness of the international labour standards and fundamental rights under the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work that lay down important provisions on the working conditions of young workers, including forcibly displaced youth, such as social protection entitlements, occupational safety and health, among others;
  • Facilitate a dialogue among young people representing employers, workers and refugee communities about the importance of promoting youth rights at work for individuals, businesses and societies at large; and
  • Launch Work Wise Youth: A guide to youth rights at work; a reference framework for facilitators to support them in delivering training for young people to raise their awareness on their rights at work, social protection entitlements and fair conditions of work.


14:30 – 14:35: Welcome
  • Moderator: Milagros Lazo Castro, Youth Employment Specialist, ILO
14:35 – 14:45: Keynote speech
  • Speaker: Ouided Bouchamaoui, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 2015
14:45 – 14:50: Video
14:50 – 15:00: Launch of the Guide
  • Speaker: Mia Seppo, Assistant Director-General for Jobs and Social Protection, ILO
15:00 – 15:05: Q&A
15:05 – 15:40: Panel session on young people’s respectives on promoting their rights at work
  • Satyajeet Reddy, Chair of the ITUC Youth Committee and Representative of Indian National Trade Union Congress
  • Foni Joyce Vuni, Program Coordinator, Global Refugee Youth Network
  • Kingsley Laar, Young Economist and Researcher, Ghana Employers’ Association
  • Felipe Paullier, Assistant Secretary-General for Youth Affairs – TBC
15:40 – 15:55: Q&A
15:55 – 16:00: Closing

Interpretation in French and Spanish will be provided.