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LANDac International Annual Conference 2023

GLOBAL | 28-30 JUNE 2023 | Utrecht, The Netherlands

Jointly organised by LANDac and the IOS Fair Transitions Platform of Utrecht University

Fair transitions! But how to deal with the land question?

Institutions for equity and sustainability

Land is at the core of solutions for fair transitions. The energy transition, net-zero ambitions, nature protection, and food system transformation all involve claims on land, water, and forests. Land is clearly not infinite and the transitions we need to make take place in a context of high land inequality. This raises urgent questions as to how these transitions will be governed, and how dynamics of deepening exclusion and inequality can be prevented. Key global concerns are: How much land do we need for what transitions? Who is able to claim what part and at whose expense? In line with this, the questions guiding this year’s conference are: How could transitions be made fair? What role is there for land governance actors and (formal and informal) institutions? Who will have a seat at the table and whose knowledge does count? How will non-human interests be represented? Could transitions be a lever for promoting equity?

The 2023 LANDac conference will take up these questions at the crossroads of the land governance and fair transition debates.

Please note the following key dates:

Call for sessions opens 21 January 2023; deadline for session proposals: Feb 15, 2023

Submission of abstracts for papers opens Feb 28, and closes March 20, 2023