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UNFSS+2 Side Event: Innovative donor approaches to sustainable finance for food systems transformation

This is an official virtual side event at the UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment, co-organized by the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development and the Shamba Centre for Food & Climate.

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Donors and public funds are working continuously to increase the impact of their investments with the aim to achieve the SDGs and transform our food systems.

However, there remains an estimated US$330 billion funding gap needed to eradicate hunger by 2030 as detailed in the Ceres 2030 report. New sources of funding are necessary, and donors need to find new ways to make their funding more impactful and catalytic.
This side-event will provide insight from donors on how they are balancing competing demands and interests in a difficult geopolitical and economic environment. It will explore their initial steps in innovative finance including the topic of ‘pay for performance’ and blended finance. Finally, it will examine the conditions needed to ensure the success of blended funds.
18:00 – 18:05 Opening and context setting
Tristan Armstrong, Co-Chair, Global Donor Platform for Rural Development & Senior Sector Specialist, Agricultural Development and Food Security Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) – Australia
18:05 – 18:15 Blended Finance: Simple Concepts – Complex Language
Tuleen Alkhoffash, Senior Partnership Officer, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
18:15 – 18:55 Panel discussion
Moderator: Oshani Perera, Co-founder and Director of Programmes,
The Shamba Centre for Food & ClimatePanellists
Tshewang Dorji, Climate Change Specialist, Global Environment Facility (GEF)Hans Hoogeveen, Independent Chairperson of the Council, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)Iris Krebber, Head of Food Security, Land and Agriculture & Senior Adviser, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)Christopher Wayne, Associate Director, Investing in Agriculture, Acumen Fund
18:55 – 19:00 Wrap-up and closing
How can donors make their funding more catalytic?

This side-event will explore how official development assistance (ODA) for food systems can better link to and increase synergies with other sources of development finance. Given the stagnating pool of ODA to agriculture and food systems, many donors are interested in finding stronger linkages with other sources of development finance that are either newer (e.g., climate finance, biodiversity finance, gender finance) or growing (e.g., emergency assistance). Better understanding how to establish stronger linkages and synergies, while avoiding double counting, could provide more innovative solutions to better spend the total ODA amount globally.

To what extent should donors be looking to use their ODA grants and concessional loans to mobilize additional development finance from philanthropic and private finance providers? How important is public funding for de-risking? The World Bank and other multilateral development banks (MDBs) receive contributions from donor governments and issue bonds to raise funds from capital markets. Should donors’ contributions to these agencies be considered catalytic?

These are some of the many topics that will be addressed during the side-event.

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Learn more about the GDPRD workstream with the Shamba Centre on sustainable finance for food systems, to explore how donors, international public funds and philanthropic organisations can make their funding more impactful and serve as a catalyst for achieving SDG 2. 

This is an official virtual side event to the UN Food Systems Summit +2 Stocktaking Moment (UNFSS+2), taking place on Monday, 24th July 2023. More information on the UNFSS+2 can be found here.