Food Systems Recommendations Database

Report recommendations are collated from key international reports related to food systems and rural development. Recommendations fall under one or more thematic areas and one clustered recommendation. Recommendations are taken verbatim from reports.

Recommendations are collated from key global reports, to provide policy makers and researchers with easy access to both the reports and their conclusions. All recommendations or conclusions from these reports and meetings are allocated to one or more thematic areas (eg. gender, environment, resilience) for easy reference. Similar category recommendations are then grouped to form a clustered recommendation. Search by thematic areas, keywords or by report. The database does not link recommendations from academic journals. 
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Notes on sources and methodology:

  • This database is not an exhaustive list of all international reports related to food systems and rural development, and it is continuously updated with new entries.

  • All reports in this database are publicly available.

  • No academic articles are included.

  • Report recommendations are taken verbatim from reports, whereas clustered recommendations are developed by the GDPRD Secretariat.

For optimal usability, view this page on a computer or tablet. To provide feedback on functionality or suggestions on content, email us.