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A conversation with Wilma van Esch, GDPRD Board Member


Why partnerships and national pathways are key to transforming food systems in times of crisis: Wilma shares her insight on why development partnerships at country levels are even more essential in times of crisis to achieve a viable and sustainable

A conversation with Wilma van Esch, GDPRD Board Member2022-09-20T20:04:03+02:00

Transforming Food Systems: Directions for Enhancing the Catalytic Role of Donors


In April 2022, the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development released a white paper to provide global donors with options to transform our food systems, to make them more resilient and sustainable. Global donors have a critical leveraging role in catalysing food systems change and this paper attempts to provide clear directions, under seven action areas to focus their attention and efforts.

Transforming Food Systems: Directions for Enhancing the Catalytic Role of Donors2022-10-06T10:21:45+02:00

Podcast | Tristan Armstrong


In our first segment, we hear from our Platform Co-Chair Tristan Armstrong, who is Senior Sector Specialist of Agricultural Development and Food Security, at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia. Tristan shares his first-hand experience on the impacts of climate change in the Pacific Islands and at home in Canberra, and the Platform as a unique space for key donors to advocate for collective action in the food security agenda.

Podcast | Tristan Armstrong2022-10-18T16:34:12+02:00

Land Tenure and Sustainable Agri-food Systems Report


This policy document on land tenure and sustainable agri-food systems is a collaboration between the ILC, FAO and GLTN, with support from the GDPRD. The report stresses the critical importance of land access and land tenure for more sustainable agri-food production and consumption systems.

Land Tenure and Sustainable Agri-food Systems Report2022-09-23T11:55:02+02:00

A Conversation with Martin Bwalya, AUDA/NEPAD


Martin Bwalya spoke with Jim Woodhill about the UN Food Systems Summit (UN FSS) and the catalytic role of finance in transforming food systems. Martin provided insights on how the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP) worked to coordinate a common position for African countries towards the Summit.

A Conversation with Martin Bwalya, AUDA/NEPAD2022-09-05T17:59:01+02:00