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Youth and agriculture: Key Challenges and Concrete Solutions


In recognition of the agricultural sector’s potential to serve as a source of livelihood opportunities for rural youth, a joint MIJARC/FAO/IFAD project on Facilitating Access of Rural Youth to Agricultural Activities was carried out in 2011 to assess the

Youth and agriculture: Key Challenges and Concrete Solutions2022-09-30T18:01:49+02:00

50×2030 Global Data Use Conference


The event is organized by the 50×2030 Data Use Component at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), in collaboration with the other 50×2030 components at FAO and the World Bank, and the 50×2030 Secretariat also located within the World Bank.

50×2030 Global Data Use Conference2022-10-27T15:05:29+02:00