Paris | France | 29 March 2016
The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the French Development Agency (AFD) joined forces with civil society, academia and other professionals back in 1996 to set up the Land Tenure and Development Technical Committee (CTFD). The Committee is currently actively involved in all land related development projects of the ministry. It provides the agencies, as well as all related stakeholders, with expertise and research that has proven to be most useful on the ground.


The French Ministry has recognised the important role land tenure plays in reducing poverty and inequality. Land is not only the primary source of income and security for farmers and their families but also plays a key role in economic development of agricultural production. In addition, land also links economic, political, social and environmental issues. Therefore the French Government and the CTFD pursue a more transparent dialogue based and inclusive development projects in relation to land issues.

These cooperative efforts result in more projects that respect the variety of rights and sources of legitimacy as well as cultural and behavioural norms and that build trust and reinforce positive initiatives and developments.



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