Bonn, Germany – 25 January 2017

The strategy sets the focus on supporting a competitive and inclusive agribusiness sector that will help curb the economy of agriculture dependent states and ultimately increase quality of life of farmers and rural population.


The strategy, as the name says, is targeting an ambitious guided process of agricultural transformation. The plan seeks to scale up agriculture as a business opportunity and enable the environment for private sector investments and other innovative ways of financing with the ultimate goal of poverty and hunger eradication. Steps of the strategy include increasing productivity, value addition, investment in infrastructure, catalization of investments, creation of enabling environment and ensuring inclusivity and sustainability. The bank has identified 15 priority value chains that can help the continent use its potential of available arable land and ultimately reduce its dependency on food imports.

A competitive agricultural sector will attract investments and ensure new resources of finance flow towards agribusiness helping increase food security and reduce vulnerabilities of rural population.



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