This yearbook is a synthesis of the major factors at play in the global food and agricultural landscape. Statistics are presented in four thematic chapters, covering the economic importance of agricultural activities, inputs, outputs and factors of production, their implications for food security and nutrition and their impacts on the environment.

The Statistical Yearbook is a primary tool and reference for policymakers, researchers and analysts, as well as the general public interested in the past, present and future path of food and agriculture. This year’s edition pays special attention to the impact of disasters on agriculture as new FAO information now quantifies the magnitude of losses resulting from these crisis events.

There is also a companion pocketbook volume to the main report. It provides quick and easy access to data, charts and maps on food and agriculture from more than 50 indicators in 17 thematic domains for around 200 countries and regions.

Required citation:
FAO. 2023. World Food and Agriculture – Statistical Yearbook 2023. Rome.



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