The 13th Malabo Montpellier Panel report – YOUTH AHEAD: Policy Innovations to Create Opportunities for Young People in Africa’s Agrifood Systems – reviews the challenges limiting young people’s engagement in agrifood systems and demonstrates opportunities to empower Africa’s youth in agrifood systems.

The report highlights the successful strategies implemented by various countries in Africa and summarizes the key findings of four systematically selected countries: Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. These countries are at the forefront of empowering youth in their agrifood systems. The report reviews these countries’ policy and institutional innovations as well as their programmatic interventions targeting youth in the transformation of food systems. Their experiences are noteworthy for other African countries.

The Panel recommends: Diversifying education and training programs including skill up for entrepreneurship of youth; Addressing trade barriers coupled with technology infrastructure for jobsin a thriving agro-processing sector; Implementing dedicated processes to include youth in policy- and decision-making empowering youth; and Simultaneously addressing green growth and employment agendas with youth as investors.


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