The April issue of the AMIS Market Monitor is now available.

Over the past 10 months, world prices of most grains and oilseeds have fallen back to levels prior to the war in Ukraine. Likewise, volatility in prices has also declined considerably from recent highs. With the extension of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, there is hope that the world is recovering from the price shocks of the past year. Yet, while prices have fallen in international markets, they have frequently remained high at local level, particularly in net food importing developing countries reflecting the weakening of their currencies against the US dollar. As a result, food price inflation is still a serious concern in many countries, also because post-farm gate costs for shipping and processing remain subject to inflationary pressures.

This is a collective assessment by the ten international organizations and entities that form the AMIS Secretariat, many of whom are members and partners of the Donor Platform.




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Maurizio Navarra

Secretariat Coordinator