USAID Report on Mining Highlights the Role of Land in the Transition to Green Energy

A new report by USAID, “Mining and the Green Energy Transition”, emphasizes the critical importance of land use planning, community land rights formalization, and land administration and titling for a sustainable future.

The report indicates that formalization and titling of community land rights is critical for indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs), as mineral mining is expected to increase during the green energy transition. Although mining laws usually require the consent and/or compensation of local communities, mineral mining rights often belong to national governments. Therefore, formal land titling for both communities and individuals is essential to prevent mining-related evictions, conflict, and loss of land. The report also notes land-use planning can help reduce conflict, compensate locals, and optimize development when mining does take place. Land title formalization is particularly important for women, youth, and Indigenous peoples are even more susceptible to exploitation by large-scale mining companies.



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