This Youth-sensitive value chain analysis and development guide provides the background information and guidance needed by practitioners for selecting an agricultural value chain with significant potential for youth employment and entrepreneurship and offers tools to conduct context-specific youth employment analyses. 

The analysis and guide explains how practitioners can identify and analyse constraints and opportunities for decent youth employment at each function of the core and extended value chains. Given that youth engagement in value chains is impacted heavily by social issues and value chain governance, a push/pull factor analysis is introduced as a tool to assess the factors that push and pull youth into employment and entrepreneurship in the value chains.

This publication is intended to assist field practitioners, youth organizations and other stakeholders to identify binding constraints and viable opportunities to youth engagement in value chains that can translate into greater youth inclusion. Considering youth heterogeneity and inequalities, the youth sensitive framework for value chain analysis gives guidance to assess factors that push and pull youth into employment and entrepreneurship in value chains. The youth-sensitive value chain (YSVC) analysis is a starting point for youth-inclusive agricultural value chain development, since it identifies entry points and key actions expected to bring about the desired increase in employment and business opportunities for youth within a more attractive agriculture sector.



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Maurizio Navarra


Maurizio Navarra

Secretariat Coordinator for the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development