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AGRF 2022 Summit


The AGRF, Africa’s premier forum for driving the food and agriculture agenda in the continent, will host its 12th annual summit under the theme Grow. Nourish. Reward. Bold Actions for Resilient Food Systems from September 6 -9, 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda.

Together with the Government of Rwanda and the AGRF partner’s group, the AGRF 2022 Summit will provide a platform to reflect on the coordinated large-scale action by leaders, institutions, investors, coalitions, and individuals to accelerate action towards translating commitments made into actionable strategies and progress on the ground.

The summit will convene leaders from governments, businesses, civil society, international organizations alongside innovators, financiers, experts, scientists, entrepreneurs, and youth. To journey along as they define game-changing solutions towards a food-secure Africa and food systems that deliver for people, planet, and prosperity.

The AGRF 2022 Summit will seek to find catalytic solutions to:

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  • Grow the coordinated and large-scale action by stakeholders across multiple sectors
  • Nourish innovations and cultivate country solutions that will translate the commitments made into actionable strategies and progress on the ground.
  • Reward and recognize champions and celebrate country pathways

The summit will also explore the accelerators needed and focus on the ongoing interventions and actions required to mitigate and address the interlinkages between climate, fragility, nutrition, and social inclusion.

Key summit takeaways and outcomes The Summit aims to deliver the following outcomes:

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  • An Inclusive voice: Shape an inclusive African Voice on food systems transformation
  • Innovations Spotlight: Spotlight innovations in food systems
  • Shared priorities: provide a platform for alignment on shared continental priorities
  • Resources: Mobilise resources and catalyze solutions
  • Climate Action: Elevate the coordinated African voice on climate action
  • Country Leadership: Provide a platform for countries to showcase leadership and share best practices

What to expect at the AGRF 2022 summit:

  • 2500 delegates and high-level dignitaries including African Heads of State and Government, Ministers of Agriculture, Finance, ICT, and other key sectors for food systems
  • President Summit - Presidents in conversation on leadership and the vision for the future of African food systems
  • Farm tours - showcasing excellence and best practices in farming
  • Youth Town Hall - A youthful take on how to elevate farming for the continent’s young farmers
  • Ministerial Round table - A collective moment for ministers to reflect on continental progress, gaps, and action needed
  • Farmers Forum - A spotlight on the continent farmers




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