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Webinar: Towards More Inclusive Pathways of Structural Transformation for a Brighter Future of Work for Youth in Rural Areas

PLATFORM | 20 JUNE 2021, 14:30–16:30 | VIRTUAL, CET


AUC – Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Blue Economy and Sustainable Development (DARBE)

Young African Researchers in Agriculture network (YARA)

ILO – Regional Office for Africa

USAID – Program Office, Inclusive Development Division Bureau for Resilience and Food

This webinar will explore the key (structural) policy issues related to transforming Africa’s rural economies and how this can result in more and better jobs for rural youth and particularly young women. It will look at the ways in which decent work can become a driver for inclusive transformation and a human-centred recovery.

Based on the findings of the keynote article ‘Rural Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Moving away from urban myths and towards structural policy solutions’ by Bernd Mueller, Employment Specialist, ILO Decent Work Team for Eastern & Southern Africa, the panellists will discuss and reflect on viable policies and approaches for job creation and rural transformation from their institutional perspectives – a continental policy perspective from the AU-Commission, a research perspective from the YARA (Young African Researchers in Agriculture network) network as well as a donor or program perspective.

The webinar will also provide ample room for discussion with the audience, through the chat functions as well as direct interaction with the panellists.

We are very much looking forward to an inspiring webinar and fruitful discussion with all GDPRD members and their partner networks.

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