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CFS 51 Side event – Nature based solutions and decent employment for equitable and inclusive agri-food systems

25 October 2023 13.30 – 14.45 (UTC+2) | FAO HQ – Iran Room & Zoom

The contribution of Nature based Solutions (NbS) to climate action and Nature conservation is increasingly gaining attention globally. Nevertheless, their application in agriculture, and their impacts on food security and employment opportunities have largely been overlooked, especially considering youth inclusion in equitable agricultural value-chains. This session will try to clarify the concept of NbS, discuss their use in agriculture, and see how these NbS could support the shift from grey to green resources, and promote equitable and inclusive agricultural value chains.

Speakers, including farmers, experts and countries representatives will:

  1. Share knowledge and experiences related to the implementation of Nature-based Solutions in agriculture;
  2. Discuss potential challenges and pre-requisites for NbS to contribute to inclusive and equitable production systems, creating
    green jobs especially for the youth;
  3. Draw lessons, including on the role of key support actors, including governments and financial institutions.



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