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High-level meeting on “Social Dialogue With and For Youth”

29-30 NOVEMBER 2022, 13:00-16:00 CET | HYBRID| ILO/HQ and Zoom

This high-level meeting for invited participants aims to trigger discussion and debate on the issue of social dialogue with and for youth.


This high-level meeting provides a platform for discussing challenges and opportunities for improved inclusion of youth employment issues in the social dialogue agenda, for highlighting good practices in terms of promoting youth-sensitive policy-making, and for identifying possible actions by governments and social partners for creating an enabling environment for youth-inclusive social dialogue.

The meeting will also serve to:

  1. Present the main findings of an ILO research report entitled “Social dialogue With and For Youth”;
  2. Acquire a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of social dialogue with and for youth;
  3. Identify policy options for improved youth-sensitive and youth-inclusive social dialogue;
  4. Highlight experiences which can help the ILO to design/implement relevant strategies and activities, including in line with the ILO’s Plan of Action on Youth Employment 2020-30.




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