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Independent Food Systems Dialogue: “African Youth as Drivers for Decent Job Creation in Sustainable Food Systems”


We would like to draw your attention to a virtual Independent Dialogue to the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) organized by the Thematic Working Group on Rural Youth Employment (TWG RYE).

The Dialogue will highlight issues affecting rural youth and gather input for Game Changer solutions for decent jobs creation for rural youth in food systems. First, a round of opening statements and pitches for youth centered Game Changer solutions submitted to the UNFSS will set the scene.

Game Changers that will be presented:

  1. “Empowering youth as innovators and change makers for sustainable food systems”, (AT 4)
  2. “Launch of a Coalition for youth in African Agriculture”, (AT 1)

In the following breakout groups session participants will exchange experiences, gather best practice examples, and concrete recommendations as input to the presented Game Changers. Each breakout group will focus on a different aspect:

  • How to boost youth agency to actively participate and coordinate action in food systems and their governance mechanisms through partnerships & networks?

  • How to strengthen youth capacities and skills for inclusion in food systems development and productive activities (wage or self-employment, in and off farm)?

  • How to unpack the opportunities and constraints for youth in local food system models to take off and respond to local and regional food demands?

  • How to connect youth with opportunities in sustainable food systems by promoting more and better jobs?

We cordially invite you to this opportunity to discuss with youth representatives from Africa, donors, development practitioners and public and private sector representatives their ideas to tackle specific challenges, and more importantly, share best practice experiences. The recommendations gathered will feed directly into the UNFSS discussions and the further development and cross-fertilization of youth centered Game Changer solutions submitted to the UNFSS.




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