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Transforming Food Systems for Rural Prosperity: How Do Nutrition and Environment Fit In?

GLOBAL | 11 APRIL 2022, 10:00–11:30 | VIRTUAL – CET

This is the second of the series of debates to discuss key actions and recommendations from the RDR. If and why they are relevant, what are the obstacles and barriers encountered to achieve desirable transformation and what are the opportunities and potential benefits to achieve equitable, sustainable, healthy, and environmentally friendly food systems that work for everyone especially people in rural areas. During this debate, we will focus on the trade-offs between healthy / nutritious diet and environmental and social objectives and what are the trade-offs with rural prosperity and decent livelihood. Innovation, finance, investments and entrepreneurship supported by a conducive environment in the food system midstream will be key to expanding opportunities for small-scale producers and increase their livelihood.

The event will be hosted and moderated by: Jo (Jyotsna) Puri, Assistant Vice-President, Strategy and Knowledge Department, IFAD

Opening remarks by:

H.E. Miguel Garcia Winder, Ambassador Perm. Representative of Mexico to IFAD

 Presentation from:

Romina Cavatassi, Lead Economist, IFAD


Anna Lartey, Professor of Nutrition at the University of Ghana

Joyce Njoro, Lead Technical Specialist, Nutrition, IFAD

Astrid Agostini, Senior Adviser, Environment and Climate, FAO Investment Center

Ann Turinayo, Country Director, West and Central Africa, IFAD




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