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Frontiers: Future of Land Evaluations – Policy Track

30 NOVEMBER AND 1 DECEMBER 2022 | 9:00-10:30 EST | Virtual

Impact evaluations are critical for understanding whether program and policy interventions are working, why, and for whom. In recent years, the tenure sector has made significant progress in using impact evaluations to build the evidence base for tenure programs and improve policy and program effectiveness.

Please save the date for a virtual convening, hosted by the Global Donor Working Group on Land, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, USAID, the World Bank, and New America, to discuss the policy and programming implications form the last decade of tenure impact evaluations.

We will bring together researchers and evaluators, policymakers, practitioners, and donors to discuss the implications of these impact evaluations on tenure programs and policies, and identify open questions and data gaps that, if answered, could improve our understanding of what works, why, and for whom.

A detailed agenda and additional information is forthcoming. Please feel free to share the registration link with your colleagues. For more information, please contact or event is supported by the USAID Integrated Natural Resource Management project.




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